Fond Mosaic

I complain a lot.. but thank God, His mercy is everlasting. He never gives up on me. I’m a saint in progress. I’m a handmaid, a servant. I’m blessed with a loving, funny, simple and faithful husband. A very supportive family. And loving and thoughtful friends. I’m God’s work of art. I was and from time to time still torn by life’s challenges but I always am beautifully knit together just like a mosaic. And every time I acknowledge God’s presence in me, my life gets even better (well actually, even if at times I don’t)… God’s love manifests in many forms in life.  Just like how life can be different beautiful pieces put together, so is me, my life, and the people around me..and I call that, Fond Mosaic. And I guess, that could be me to Him as well. 🙂

Fond of Mosaics!

Fond of Mosaics!

I’m not a blogger. I just love writing and I love reading, too! But I have my ways on writing stuffs.. from a pad, to a notebook, to a carton box, to a tissue roll, and even to a piece of leaf.. Yup, I’ve tried them all! And it just dawned on me that, “Hey! I can write!” And I can bless people (through God’s grace) with my writing. I may not use deep meaningful words from the dictionary like eveyone else, but yeah, I will try. It’s also a blessing for me that I can take lots of photos. Oh! I love photos! Most of the time, I’d rather take photos than write.. be’coz it’s true that a picture can describe more than a thousand words! So, i also hope to share them here with you. 🙂 (By the way, this is my 3rd attempt to open a blog.) I just wish and pray that this time, it’s for real.Not for anything else, but just to free my thankful heart to God for His abundant blessings to me, my family and those who have become part of my life. And hopefully, be able to inspire someone to be thankful to God, too.

To my Bestest Friend, Jesus, this is for You! 🙂


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  1. royce20
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 12:58:52

    Wow! Well done my motek! My faithful and loving wife! You are truly God’s gift to me. May God’s word grow in you as you share Him to us through this blog. I am very excited to listen to your story. I love you!


    • Miggie Bernardo-Martinez
      Dec 18, 2011 @ 22:36:52

      Thank you my Motek! I love you more! You are my inspiration. I thank God for you each day! 🙂


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