Unexpected “Visitor”

Treat a visitor as though Jesus came to visit you.” Those were the words that came in my mind when I started getting worried about a number of missionaries and mission volunteers from Middle East coming to our area in Pretoria, South Africa in a few days. I must admit I didn’t have the right posture of heart since my body and mind and spirit was really exhausted after a series of weeks serving both in the Archdiocese Family Life Desk, our mission in CFC plus recently, I was just appointed by the Archbishop to help around as his secretary because his former secretary already retired from work. It was one of the most challenging yet exciting new work for me and my husband while on mission. And since all these are still new to me, I thought it was too much to handle mission and work and being a wife all at the same time… Now, I understand why God hasn’t given us yet our bundle of joy.. Maybe He is giving us a chance to learn more! Hehe..  🙂


But what really struck me during these past 3 weeks was that, it really doesn’t matter how delicious or tasteless the foods we prepare will be, it really doesn’t matter whether the house is neat or “deurmekaar” (der-ma-kar -an Afrikaans expression meaning “all over the show”), or it doesn’t even matter if we have so much to give or nothing at all! But what really is important is that we are there – not just physically but spiritually, emotionally, mentally there for our brothers and sisters. Our storytelling has the sweetest flavor than any mouth-watering cuisines that we can cook! Our service is more meaningful than any paintings or photos ever be printed and decorated in our homes! And lastly, our love, friendship and prayers are always worth keeping than any souvenirs that we can buy from anywhere!

And I really thank the Lord that He has brought us such wonderful missionaries and mission volunteers from the other end of the world to remind us how much He wanted us to be dependent on Him, to be relaxed with Him, to be peaceful with Him, to be friendly in Him.. for there is no better way to serve and love God but through our love and service with and to the people He sends us along the way, whether at home, at work, in the streets or abroad. The missionaries have really allowed us to see that in them with their “YES!” to come to this mission to south Africa and to do whatever was tasked of them with cheerful hearts. Their simple joys, the sharings they gave in our CLP’s and camps, and the service they have extended in the community like the painting of one of the orphanage’s room was really inspiring. Their laughter was contagious! And their never ending photo shoot with everyone they meet here was breathless!! Over all we really had a joyous 2 weeks with them and we really pray that may they continue the good work they have started and really inspire more young adults around the globe to do the same – share God’s message of love through
their life.

with CFC & SFC Middle East Mission Volunteers, and local (S.Africa) Mission Volunteers at our place in Pretoria 🙂

with co-missionaries L-R (Me, Errol, Dana, Maan, Vince, Ruel, Zee)

with co-missionaries L-R (Me, Errol, Dana, Maan, Vince, Ruel, Zee)

The missionaries have long been back in their respective areas now, but their life stories and faith in God will always inspire me to do even better on my mission in CFC and with the Church and basically, in everything that I will do. Their presence here was one of God’s affirmations to us that He really is the God who calls, forms, provides, sends and enriches us at the end of it all. Thank you all and may you continue to ablaze in God’s love.

So, the next time they come home again or anyone comes for a visit, I’ll gladly say, “Jesus, come in, you are most welcome!”

In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:16