Mother’s Affirmation

I dreamt of Momie today with a music playing in the background. She was advising me not to worry about those people who were not listening to my “singing” (apparently, I was singing in an event – well, what do you know? I’m a singer! Heheh)

She was talking to me as if she was just around, not realizing that she had passed away a year later already. Until I read a paper she was (holding) or was writing (it was like a lyrics of some sort) which read something like, “Remember, I’ll always be with you.” Then I started crying in my dreams, until, I eventually woke throat was painful maybe because I was trying not to cry…

Momieko, thank you for speaking to me in my dream. I love you and I miss you so much. Thank you again for lettihg me know you are with me always, for being my angel. 🙂 Please continue to pray for us. ♡


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