Big Hands

Fr. Kenneth, a priest from Myanmar shared this story to us in his homliy one afternoon at the office hall. It will be one of the simple yet important and meaningful stories I’ll remember and share with everyone!

“I have a little friend, a five-year old girl, in the parish who taught me an important lesson. One day when I brought her to the shop to buy something for the Parish, the lady in the cashier told us that they have a bag full of candies and they were giving it away for free for the little ones! So I told Sarah (not her real name) to get as much candies as she wants. But she said while looking intently at me, “No.”. I tried to encourage her again the second time and again, she said, “No”. So, I eventually gave up thinking maybe she’s too shy or she feels its too much although I can really sense she really wants to get more!

So when we got back to the parish, I had a small chat with her to find out what’s wrong. I said, “You’re stupid! The lady in the cashier was telling you to get as much candies as you want and there’s your chance to have as many!” And I was surprised with her reply, “No! You’re stupid!”. Shocked and curious with her reply, I asked, “Why do you say so? That was YOUR chance!”. She said disappointingly, “You’re stupid! My hands were too small so it means I can only take so little, but your hands are bigger so you can take plenty for me!”

God's hands can definitely get you more than that! <3

God’s hands can definitely get you more than that! ❤

Sometimes we think that we already own the world, but what we don’t realize is that we have a BIG GOD up there who can give us more than the world that we have. So when you feel it’s too big, think again.

Today, maybe God is reminding you: I have a BIG GOD who can grab so much more for me!♥

Have a BIG BLESSED day ahead!♥



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