Grace in Meekness

Today marks the celebration of the 73rd Foundation Day of my college alma mater – San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Manila. I have been blessed to have finished my studies their way back 2001. Thanks to my hardworking and loving mom and support of siblings and friends and grace of God! But I’m not going to talk much about college life today…Today I am being reminded who I used (and still to this day) admire in terms of humility, loyalty and meekness while serving God, our college’s patron saint, Saint Sebastian. As described in wikipedia and in San Sebastian is:

“He is patron saint of athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith. Sebastian is also patron to all soldiers. He entered the Roman army under Emperor Carinus in 283 in order to defend the confessors and martyrs of his day without drawing attention to himself. His efforts kept the faith of Marcus and Marcellian firm during their persecutions, right up to the time of their martyrdom. He was declared patron of plague sufferers of his reported cures of those afflicted with many diseases.”

(photo from wikipedia)

No wonder we always win most of the Basketball matches for consecutive times in the inter-college competition! hehe..

But more than that I really admire him for his faith in God that no matter what happens, no matter how painful the consequences of his faith in Him, no matter how hard and long the trials would be… he stood faithful, and meek… so silent that all you can hear and see is passion. I’ll always thank the Lord he brought me to see St. Sebastian’s examples so I’ll be reminded every time (just like today on his feast day) that  we ought to stay humble, silent in service and never proud no matter how good or great we are because in the eyes of God we are all the same, we are all soldiers and we are all mere servants of Him in our respective positions / situations in life. And like St. Sebastian, we can only go through life of service joyfully and meekly through God’s grace.. one arrow at a time. ❤

San Sebastian, please pray for us. Amen. 

God bless you a fruitful week!