Thank you Holy Papa!!! <3

I have been sending this message to our community, family and relatives just a few hours ago after hearing the news about Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. At first, I felt sad upon hearing this but then after asking God in my heart about what’s happening I just felt and realized 3 things:

1. Peaceful – because this statement from His Holiness only shows how humble and obedient he is. And it gives me an assurance that he doesn’t take this on his own – that he truly is dependent on God’s strength not his.

2. Thankful – realizing the fact that His Holiness has taken not just the joys of shepherding God’s people but also for taking in the challenges that went with it. He truly is a loving Holy Papa! Even with old age, you have served your people well and in very good faith. 🙂

3. Hopeful – that we have a new and exciting years ahead of us with the new Pope who will be elected soon (Conclave). 🙂 And because it is the Year of Faith, with all the fear and trembling and “panic” that eveyone must be feeling (including me at first..hehe), I could sense God telling us, “Relax, my child, it’s just Me!”

Thank you, Dearest Lord, for our Holy Pope Benedict XVI! Bless him for he is a faithful servant. Amen. 🙂 


Good day Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I’m sure most of us have already heard about the news regarding His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. We ask for everyone to stay prayerful and faithful during this time. Let us pray for His Holiness, he gave and have shown much love and care for God’s people through his service as our Pope in the Catholic faith. And pray, too, for all our Cardinals and Bishops for the upcoming Conclave and the next Successor of Saint Peter. And lastly, pray to our loving Mother Mary for intercession for calmness and peace be upon all Catholics and everyone in the whole world as the Cardinals and Bishops pray and discern.

As shocking as this news may be for all of us, may we continue to live out our calling to stay faithful and be fervent in our prayers during this, what some of us might call, “storm” in the Catholic history. Remember, this is the YEAR OF FAITH, our faith is more tested during times like this to make us stronger and closer to God even more!

Let us Obey and be Witnesses!!!

in Christ,

Errol & Miggie Martinez
Missionary Couple
CFC South Africa

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